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This is my Ludum Dare 32 entry with a bit of extra work done to it.

NEG is all about swinging and bouncing. It is a multiplayer versus platformer/fighting game that requires control pads to play.

Controls (Xbox controller):

Move: Left Stick

Fire Grapple: Right Stick

Jump: A Button

Dash: X Button

Cancel Grapple: B Button

Retract Grapple: Hold Right Trigger/Bumper

Ball Mode: Hold Left Trigger/Bumper or Hold the X Button

Controls (Playstation controller):

Move: Left Stick

Fire Grapple: Right Stick

Jump: X Button

Dash: Square Button

Cancel Grapple: Circle Button

Retract Grapple: Hold R2/R1 Button

Ball Mode: Hold L2/L1 or Hold the Square Button

There are two game modes:

Battle: The aim of the game is to eliminate the other players. You damage other players by slamming into them as hard as you can while in 'ball mode'. You also take less damage and bounce while in ball mode.

Poison: Each player has been poisoned. Race each other to collect heath pickups and survive for as long as possible. (This mode can be played single player)

Many thanks to Sean Cannock for supplying the music and most of the sound effects.

There seems to be a small bug in the web player that causes the health bars to flicker sometimes. I'll see what I can do to fix it.

There are a few things about the controls that still need work (namely the wall jumping).


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